Clinic Focus

Christopher has a keen interest in helping people with the following medical conditions and tests.  This is not intended to be offering ‘Cures’ but supportive actions to assist in your recovery. Please read the medical disclaimer on this page.

These conditions need the care of a Medical Doctor as well as appropriate Medical specialists to manage. Please ensure you are taking this action.

Menieres Disease

Christopher has a personal interest in this medical condition having been diagnosed in 2007 with Menieres disease. Since that time he has experimented with a range of natural therapies, diets and life style adaptations to manage the condition.  A measure of his success is being able to continue working full time up until end of 2018 as well as complete a significant course of study, commute and help manage the farm where he lives. It has not always been plain sailing but due to these range of actions he is still able to fully engage with life.

It is a medical condition with recurrent vertigo accompanied by ringing in the ears (tinnitus) and deafness. Symptoms include vertigo, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, loss of hearing (in the affected ear), and abnormal eye movements (1). The condition is associated with the inner ear  area when it under goes  a change in the volume of fluid inside an area called the labyrinth . This fluid change triggers Menieres episodes.

It can go through phases of dormancy  or acute phases depending on your triggers.  It is not an easy condition to mange, there is no magic pill and Doctors and Specialists struggle as do sufferers in managing the condition.  The expression of symptoms and triggers varies widely between people as well.

You may need to make changes in your life style, diet and outlook in order to manage successfully. For sufferers if the condition is not stabilised – by whatever means  it can be quite debilitating with a serious impact on activities  and mental – emotional well being.

Christopher is of the personal belief that it is under diagnosed in the community  He sees his own condition ironically  as an incurable disease that keeps him healthy! It demands monitoring of diet, a low salt regime  and appropriate rest plus other actions.

The incidence of Menieres disease ranges from 0.5 to 7.5 people per 1000, although this figure depends upon  the diagnostic criteria used to define the disease. It also varies by ethnic background, showing relatively high incidence in Britain and Sweden. Menieres disease most commonly affects people in their 40s and 50s, although individuals from 20 onwards may be affected.  Males and females appear to show a similar incidence of Menieres (1)

Being a suffer of this medical condition himself Christopher has a deep personal experience of Menieres Disease and has trailed many different therapies & approaches on himself to find what is effective. The latest breakthrough in managing this condition he has found is correcting mineral deficiencies in the body.

Christopher is able to offer a range of remedies and actions steps that will help a sufferer deal with this condition.  Suffers of the condition will find an understanding therapist in Christopher along with hard won practical experience and beneficial actions in the clinic.

Having read this far  – let me reward you with a free information download about five key strategies that will reduce your frequency of episodes.  FIVE KEY MENIERES STRATEGIES



Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Christopher offers this option in the clinic for clients to have their hair tested.

It is a diagnostic technique used often in complex medical cases by Natural Therapists  where no progress has been made despite well indicated remedies. Due to our modern lifestyle there is large amounts of both mineral deficiencies and also mineral toxicities especially heavy metals in our bodies (1).

This technique has been used for well over 100 years and though not currently accepted by the orthodox medical establishment it is widely used by other branches of scientific endeavor such as Archaeology, Forensic medicine, Epidemiology and environmental research.

The hair is a better indicator than a blood sample to show the bodies state of mineral levels on a historic level. Blood mineral levels are very transitory and fluctuate – hair gives a longer term picture. Should it be needed  Christopher will guide you through the simple process of collecting a sample and sending it off for analysis to the laboratory in Sydney.

Current cost for this analysis is $170 (December 2018)  paid directly to the laboratory.

Hair Mineral Analysis may provide a readily available record of the body’s nutrient, mineral (calcium, copper, zinc, selenium etc) and heavy metals (lead, mercury, aluminium etc) levels and ratios.

After the analysis Christopher can set up for you an individual customised program to correct deficiencies and  address toxic levels of heavy metals.


1- Obstacles to cure – Toxicity, Deficiency & Infection by Jon  Gamble Karuna publishing 2010