Herb Talk on Solomon’s Seal – Matthew Wood’s favorite herb!

 Herb talk on Solomon’s Seal

Hierophant – Griffith Shops Canberra

Are you interested in and fascinated about herbs? – take a deep dive into experiencing this wonderful plant  

Solomon’s Seal – A plant named after King Solomon of the Bible to recognize its worth.

Matthew Wood Bestselling Herbal Author  calls this plant his =FAVORITE HERB

Men and women are subject to injury of the locomotive system upon which they rely for movement. Thus, we must be able to repair damage to the connective tissue – bones, cartilage, joints – and true Solomon’s seal is the best.
Matthew Wood in Indispensable herbs  www.woodherbs.com

After obsessively growing, using and researching this plant since 2006 Herbalist Christopher Smith will tell all he knows in this talk at the Hierophant.

Come along to See, Touch. Taste and Learn about this wonderful herb in an interactive illustrated talk at the Hierophant.

Find out!

What does it look like – How you use it – How you make medicine from it – How you grow it

Wednesday November 27th 7- 8.30 pm 2019

Book through Eventbrite or by Calling the Hierophant on 02- 6295 6939

Charge of $15

P.S. If you cannot make the talk – don’t worry. I will be recording the talk plus the Power point slides and putting it together as a package for sale.  Get in touch if you want express your interest- no obligation to buy, just say you are interested

Email your details to [tinderryherbs@gmail.com]

P.S.S. I will also have plants for sale if you want to grow this wonderful plant in your own garden

Consigliere – A most trusted advisor and keeper of secrets

An unusual word – I came across it in an article  in the Australian Bulletin magazine ( now sadly defunct). It was used in reference to the role Queen Elizabeth II plays to the political leaders of her time. Prime Ministers and Presidents of many countries found that they could unburden themselves in complete secrecy within her presence.

For them used to the back stabbing treachery and lies of current political life to be in the presence of someone who had no motive or inclination to talk to someone else or post on social media was profound.

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‘Hey Man I just want to buy museli’

Our title comes from the song Inner city pressure by the band Flight of the Concords.

It covers my dilemma currently – wanting to have a healthy breakfast museli with plenty of fibre and a good taste. The latest packet of museli to appear in the pantry at home is from  Bizazzarri Dolci an Australian firm.

Their salt levels recorded in the nutrition panel states 14 grams of salt in 100 grams of product – WHAT!!!!!!!  equal to 1,400 milligrams. It has to be a mistake surely, but am I going to chance it? already being sensitive to salt as a Menieres diagnosed person. NO I AM NOT!

The standard set for a healthy diet is 120 milligrams (mg) per 100 grams (gm) of food. For people who are sensitive to salt this is very important.

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Menieres Information package – Being worked on right now! Deadline – June 2019

A quick update on this current project. It is for anyone who is diagnosed with this condition or their carers – family members or Health practitioners who want the patients perspective on having this medical condition.

With impacts on your life such as symptoms of  Vertigo -Tinnitus – Nausea – Fatigue plus sensitivity to light sound and sensory over stimulation you need to be well informed to cope. For this condition where there is a problem with the inner ear, the suffer needs accurate information and the right actions to manage it successfully. That is the aim of this package.

You get over ten years of my experience with this condition – a wide range of self help actions to help plus a deeper understanding of what is happening.

The information package about  covers a range of topics such as –   types of treatment – surgery options – what are the possible causes of Menieres disease – diet – fatigue – vertigo symptoms, medication and treatment – balance rehabilitation exercises plus more.

Deadline is end of June 2019

Basic components will be my audio talk  and power point sides from my talk at the Hierophant on 5 March this year.

I have added a lot of bonus material plus up to date research findings to beef up the value.

  • Bonus Material currently is
    • Transcript of the March 5 2019 talk
    • Power point slides augmented and expanded to cover
      • simple balance exercises
      • low salt information resources
      • information on possible causal links to mineral deficiencies
      • Seven step strategy matrix for taking action
    • Fact sheet on Menieres and travel
    • Fact sheet on Menieres and MSG
    • Fact sheet on Menieres and low salt diet
    • Triggers worksheet for you to record what sets of this condition for you as an individual


Photo by creditscoregeek.com

Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) – My professional membership

Dear Reader

Recently I have some across a couple of people who self described themselves as intuitive healers or intuitive herbalists.  You may have seen some of these people or are curious? It has prompted me to write this blog because frankly it made me quite mad.

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How a $16 Book changed my Herbal Medicine practice! – Mineral Analysis

How a $16 Book changed my Herbal Medicine practice!

Lyneham Shops ACT – Dateline Late 2018.

I am scrounging through the Natural Medicine section of the second-Hand book shop there. My attention is drawn to a title – Obstacles to Cure by Jon Gamble, a Homeopath.

It seems to be all about what stops a well indicated remedy from acting on a client. Curious!

Looks good but then I do not buy – the internal critic and naysayer runs all the usual arguments time – money – not relevant – get it later – you are going off track etc. etc.

I later think it over and decide to buy on the next visit. Once home I read, re-read and was amazed at the world it opens up in being effective for clients in the clinic.

Having already experienced an obstacle to cure for a well selected remedy this book explained many things to me.

It is like having the secret key that unlocks a whole room of knowledge and insight into the body’s workings. It sets up a solid objective quantified foundation for further treatments.

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Sugar and the body

Sugar and the body

Lots of people are talking about sugar – Lets follow sugar as we eat it and how the body deals with this food.

Once eaten it is readily absorbed through the gut and transported by your blood.

Sensors in the pancreas monitor the blood sugar level and when it is too high they secrete insulin a hormone that talks to the body cells saying hey open up and take in this sugar to use as food.

The trouble starts when there has been high blood sugar levels for some time. The bodies cell become ‘deaf’ to the frantic calls of Insulin which the pancreas secretes more and more of – hey if a little does not work then why not a lot more?

Insulin being a resourceful hormone then signals the sugar to be laid down as fat stores.

So you can see the chain of events here. High levels of sugar in the diet over along period of time – years, decades probably – persistent high levels of insulin and then excess blood sugar being laid down as fat.

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