‘Hey Man I just want to buy museli’

Our title comes from the song Inner city pressure by the band Flight of the Concords.

It covers my dilemma currently – wanting to have a healthy breakfast museli with plenty of fibre and a good taste. The latest packet of museli to appear in the pantry at home is from  Bizazzarri Dolci an Australian firm.

Their salt levels recorded in the nutrition panel states 14 grams of salt in 100 grams of product – WHAT!!!!!!!  equal to 1,400 milligrams. It has to be a mistake surely, but am I going to chance it? already being sensitive to salt as a Menieres diagnosed person. NO I AM NOT!

The standard set for a healthy diet is 120 milligrams (mg) per 100 grams (gm) of food. For people who are sensitive to salt this is very important.

Caution prevailed and I made up some oats and dried fruit with warm milk & cinnamon this morning. Tomorrow off to the market and I will source my own museli, thank you very much.

The more I ponder the recorded level the more I believe they have made a mistake and confused  milligrams with grams. They do not even mention salt in the ingredients list  So who is checking this? and do they understand basic weights and measures?

People rely on his information  for their health it is not just there for entertainment value. Perhaps a letter to the company and ask them to sort it out is in order.

I emailed the Company to point out the error and they promptly changed their label. The actual salt level is 14 mg (milligrams) per 100 grams which is excellent and good news for people watching their salt intake. They also sent me a free packet of the Museli for my trouble in pointing this out to them.

When you are watching your salt levels and check these things prepare yourself for some shocking revelations.

I double dare you – check the nutrition panel for your morning breakfast whatever it is and see if it is under the 120 mg per 100 gram level?

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