Menieres Information package – Being worked on right now! Deadline – June 2019

A quick update on this current project. It is for anyone who is diagnosed with this condition or their carers – family members or Health practitioners who want the patients perspective on having this medical condition.

With impacts on your life such as symptoms of  Vertigo -Tinnitus – Nausea – Fatigue plus sensitivity to light sound and sensory over stimulation you need to be well informed to cope. For this condition where there is a problem with the inner ear, the suffer needs accurate information and the right actions to manage it successfully. That is the aim of this package.

You get over ten years of my experience with this condition – a wide range of self help actions to help plus a deeper understanding of what is happening.

The information package about  covers a range of topics such as –   types of treatment – surgery options – what are the possible causes of Menieres disease – diet – fatigue – vertigo symptoms, medication and treatment – balance rehabilitation exercises plus more.

Deadline is end of June 2019

Basic components will be my audio talk  and power point sides from my talk at the Hierophant on 5 March this year.

I have added a lot of bonus material plus up to date research findings to beef up the value.

  • Bonus Material currently is
    • Transcript of the March 5 2019 talk
    • Power point slides augmented and expanded to cover
      • simple balance exercises
      • low salt information resources
      • information on possible causal links to mineral deficiencies
      • Seven step strategy matrix for taking action
    • Fact sheet on Menieres and travel
    • Fact sheet on Menieres and MSG
    • Fact sheet on Menieres and low salt diet
    • Triggers worksheet for you to record what sets of this condition for you as an individual


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