Client, Patient or Customer?

What do I call you Client, Customer or Patient?

So Dear person I want to address you by a title that shows all due respect for who you are and how important you are to my Herbal Medicine clinic.
We have a choice – Client – Customer or Patient?
Let’s look at some definitions to see what these terms mean.

Definition – Client
• a person who engages the professional advice or services of another
• one that is under the protection of another
• A client of a professional person or organization is a person or company that receives a service from them in return for payment.
• a person, company, etc, that seeks the advice of a professional man or woman
• a person who applies to a professional for advice or commits his cause or interests to a professional’s management
• is receiving benefits and or services
• a person who is under the care and protection of another

Definition Patient
• A person who is under medical or surgical treatment
• A person that undergoes some action
• A suffer or victim

Definition customer
• One who purchase goods from another, a buyer, a patron
• A person one has to deal with

Well let’s see – The term Customer is very transaction based and temporary; $X for Item Y whereas in Herbal medicine there is a large relationship component – we do not sell bottles of instant cure. So let’s scrap this term.

The term patient – who likes to suffer or be a victim? And surgical treatment should be the last resort not the first unless you are in a very dire state. In the state of a patient someone else is doing things to you, if that is so then what is your role here?

Used a lot by the orthodox medical folk – let’s leave this one alone as well.
That leaves Client. A receiver of professional service – receives benefits and services – is under the care and protection – commits his or her cause to a professional’s management.

Sounds much closer to the mark. It implies a deeper level of care, concern and relationship than patient. Let me know what you think?

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