How a $16 Book changed my Herbal Medicine practice! – Mineral Analysis

How a $16 Book changed my Herbal Medicine practice!

Lyneham Shops ACT – Dateline Late 2018.

I am scrounging through the Natural Medicine section of the second-Hand book shop there. My attention is drawn to a title – Obstacles to Cure by Jon Gamble, a Homeopath.

It seems to be all about what stops a well indicated remedy from acting on a client. Curious!

Looks good but then I do not buy – the internal critic and naysayer runs all the usual arguments time – money – not relevant – get it later – you are going off track etc. etc.

I later think it over and decide to buy on the next visit. Once home I read, re-read and was amazed at the world it opens up in being effective for clients in the clinic.

Having already experienced an obstacle to cure for a well selected remedy this book explained many things to me.

It is like having the secret key that unlocks a whole room of knowledge and insight into the body’s workings. It sets up a solid objective quantified foundation for further treatments.

Jon Gamble lays out in step by step details what is going on and describes such common obstacles and better still what to do about it. There are even case studies showing over time the strategy used and the remedies plus the results.

He lays out the main obstacles. These obstacles are – Mineral deficient – Mineral excess – Deep seated infections – Unresolved disease processes – Parasites – Heavy Metal contaminations.

So, to use a sporting analogy the needed herb or therapy cannot get near the ball because it is being blocked by other players – these obstacles.

Jon Gamble then goes on to describe a diagnostic method for discovering three of these obstacles namely mineral depletion and excess or toxicity using Hair tissue mineral analysis.

It goes like this – A sample of hair (undyed or treated) is sent off to the lab in Sydney where they perform an analysis on a wide range of minerals and repot on this.

Interpreting this report gives insight into what the current mineral status is of the client. It is a more complete picture than blood analysis as blood levels are transitory whereas hair tissue presents the more stable longer-term picture.

I have added this test to my clinic and use it with people where there has been clear exposure to a range of chemicals, heavy metals and also herbal remedies do not seem to be acting or making a difference.

I use the Australian Biologic laboratory in Sydney – Current test price is $170 and for complex chronic situations it is a great investment in starting to sort things out.

Jon also talks in the book about the most common deficiencies he has seen in his clinic over recent years. Iodine and Iron deficiency are common as well as Zinc and Selenium.

It is quite a shock to find out that about 46% of Australian people are Iodine deficient.

You would think that eating a range of fruit and vegetables in your diet plus some seafood would cover all of your mineral and vitamin needs – well maybe not?

It reflects the state of our mineral depleted soils in Australia – the soils having been weathered by climate for very long periods of time these minerals have moved into deeper parts of the earth or the sea. Organic and Bio dynamic agriculture places a lot of emphasis on mineral replenishment.

A carrot cannot have its proper levels of Zinc is the mineral is not in the soil to start with.

The Heavy metal contaminations found through the tests is shocking. Metals such as Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Aluminium and Nickel. Jon’s statement sums it up re the presence of these metals.

 ‘These toxic elements have no place in our metabolism and any level whatsoever is detrimental to our health’.

Even minerals that are needed by our body are often found in excess. Copper is one standout example. Jon Gamble write about this and I have found this in several clients as well.

Jon comments that in his practice he commonly finds toxic levels of heavy metals in clients diagnosed with MS – Parkinson disease – ADHD – Autism

There are individual variances with people as to their susceptibility and sensitivity to these elements plus metabolism variation in the ability to excrete and remove these element’s as well. All part of the wonderful variety of the human body.

Action – If you have chronic or complicated medical conditions then a Hair Tissue mineral analysis will provide an insight in your bodies mineral balance that may be a contributing factor. Correcting any deficiencies or excesses is a sound first step towards better health.

Christopher can arrange for you to have your test in the clinic

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