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Dear Reader

Recently I have some across a couple of people who self described themselves as intuitive healers or intuitive herbalists.  You may have seen some of these people or are curious? It has prompted me to write this blog because frankly it made me quite mad.

Seeing people for their medical conditions as a profession is a serious responsibility.

To be a Traditional Western Medical Herbalist

  • You need to be trained according to the the Australian National curriculum
  • You need to meet the membership requirements of a professional body – in my case this is the ATMS
  • You need to have professional insurance to cover your practice
  • You must abide by a professional code of practice
  • You must continually educate yourself and refresh, update your knowledge

Treating yourself or family or friends at a first aid level is OK – I did it myself for many years. I also spent  close to 20 years growing herbs attending seminars, reading books and exploring this area.

Stepping out into a public practice and seeing people with serious medical conditions and prescribing medicines means you need to be properly qualified.

Using a sporting analogy its the difference between paying reserve grade under 12’s’football  and lining up for a First grade match.


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