Sugar and the body

Sugar and the body

Lots of people are talking about sugar – Lets follow sugar as we eat it and how the body deals with this food.

Once eaten it is readily absorbed through the gut and transported by your blood.

Sensors in the pancreas monitor the blood sugar level and when it is too high they secrete insulin a hormone that talks to the body cells saying hey open up and take in this sugar to use as food.

The trouble starts when there has been high blood sugar levels for some time. The bodies cell become ‘deaf’ to the frantic calls of Insulin which the pancreas secretes more and more of – hey if a little does not work then why not a lot more?

Insulin being a resourceful hormone then signals the sugar to be laid down as fat stores.

So you can see the chain of events here. High levels of sugar in the diet over along period of time – years, decades probably – persistent high levels of insulin and then excess blood sugar being laid down as fat.

The high levels of the hormone insulin in your system plus this laid down fat are the start of bad things to come.

If you are a lady then the high insulin levels will affect your menstrual cycle by blocking parts of your delicate hormonal dance.

The deposited fats also end up in organs such as the liver and pancreas affecting their function. Fat deposition on your bum, legs or arms is mostly not harmful.

Over time you will enter Diabetes II territory and if you persist then the following  actions happen in the body. The high sugar levels start damaging your peripheral circulation and nervous system, also your kidneys and eyes.

The blood vessels and nerves of the body are particularity sensitive to being damaged.  You have seen people already with advanced states of this condition – their lower legs are blue or even purple ( poor blood circulation from blood vessel damage) and often have Diabetic ulcers on their legs or arms.

My herbal lecturer used the analogy of it being like loose petrol in the motor of your car spilling out all over the place, causing harm and damage.

The situation can be stabilised through careful selection of food and exercise. Specific selected herbs and vitamins coming from a professional Herbal Medicine consultation will assist.

Your action – Get your blood sugar levels checked and start on an aggressive program to reduce consumption of sugar.

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