Christopher Smith

Mr Christopher Smith

Christopher is a fully trained Western Medical Herbalist.

Western Medical Herbalist What does this mean?

This means he uses herbal medicines and practices from the long historic traditions of Natural healing in Europe and North America that have proven themselves to balance and restore health. These traditions use plant and mineral-based medicines.

What to expect?
Being raised in Country South Australia Christopher has a no BS practical attitude focused on results.

Not content with ‘Symptom fixing’, he looks for the deepest possible level of people’s conditions where balance can be restored. Direct questioning, coaching, wry humour and reflective listening are just some of the approaches Christopher uses with clients to understand their World.

All this occurs in a confidential environment, person to person so that the remedies and actions selected closely match the individual person.

Imagine just for a second the real possibility that despite whatever it is that you’re dealing with, that things can get better… people often find this to be quite hard. One of the keys to wellness is being honest with yourself. This along with commitment, being open and trusting the process are all essential for recovery. The knowledge and experience Christopher brings to the table facilitates this environment of wellness.

He seeks to identify and validate client concerns often dismissed in General Practice. With his experience and qualifications, Christopher facilitates a personalised experience and looks forward to assisting you in maintaining the healthy lifestyle you deserve.

No matter where you are up to with your health or what’s happened in the past if you are motivated to make a difference – then there’s room for you at the clinic.

Christopher states that – My promise is that you have my full undivided attention focused on creating a customised multi step action plan to deal with your concerns and improve your health